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RAPTURE |selphie tilmitt of final fantasy viii
Fully built back in 2008, Rapture will probably always be my most comprehensive character shrine. While Selphie isn't my favorite game character of all time, or even from the Final Fantasy series, she is one that I find to be very underrated, and so I have invested a lot in this tribute. Most likely due to to the personality traits of the character portrayed, I felt very at ease writing for Rapture, and thus it is definitely the website I've ever been most myself at, questionable sense of humor included which makes it my baby. Not much is left that could be added to this shrine, but if that ever changes, I'll gladly work on it again.

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ALWAYS |aerith gainsborough of final fantasy vii
So, here's a funny story. This, not Rapture, was supposed to be my baby, my ultimate character tribute because Aerith, contrary to Selphie, probably is the video game character that marked me the most. I began work on Always back in 2008; shortly after, however, I started to feel the weight of making something as special as I meant this shrine to be and that's when, merely to unwind a bit, I started the much more relaxed Rapture. Long story short, not only did Rapture keep me busier than I had expected, I couldn't bring myself to be satisfied with Always, and so it never even saw the light of day: until now. While I didn't add anything to the content I wrote ten whole years ago, I finally made peace with what I did have ready, and decided it was too sad to just let it lie on my disk, away from public sight. I may still write a couple of new articles, if I'm in the mood.

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ROSE OF MAY |tifa lockhart of final fantasy vii
For a long time back in the day (to a certain extent, perhaps even now), you couldn't really love Aerith and Tifa. I have always been an exception to the rule, and because I used to relate to Tifa so much, in September of 2003 I began a small tribute to her. What started off as a single article describing my similarites to her character (ahh, being 14 <3) ended up becoming my first major website, and probably my most popular one to this day: two reasons for which it holds a very special place in my heart. Despite no longer updated, Rose of May still makes for a very pleasant visit, modesty aside; even if all else failed, you couldn't possibly be disappointed at its sheer size even I keep forgetting how comprehensive I made it! I dream of giving it a design revamp... who knows!


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