November 13th, 2006
And so on September 22nd Rose of May officially commemorated its third birthday. Scary, I know (where exactly did time go?). I'm terribly sorry I couldn't update earlier, but I've been incredibly busy, as I am now a first year university student (the course being Medicine, which makes it particularly hard). So, belated happy 3rd birthday, Rose of May! xD Either way, a lovely, talented lady by the name of Michelle Brennan has submitted a fanart, which is such a rare thing to happen that it made my day. <3 More people should do the same. No, seriously. You're free to submit your art: I swear I won't steal it or anything. No more news for now, but do keep coming back, for between two classes of Molecular and Cellular Biology and Medical Sociology I may actually find the time and will to update. Hey, it could happen.

July 10th, 2006
No, you're not dreaming: it is a new layout you're looking at. Other than that, I've also cleaned up a bit; got rid of a couple of typos, rewrote a few paragraphs and got new, better pictures to illustrate some of the articles. Oh, I had to get rid of a couple of dead affiliate links, too: pretty sad thing, to see websites you like just... die. And, well, that's it for now. I hope to be back for Rose of May's birthday on September 22nd!