World; The world of FFVII and how exactly Tifa fits in it.
Overview; A short introduction to Tifa's character and role.
Etymology; Possible origins of her first and last names.
Story; Her life story, from birth to the beginning of FFVII.
Personality; The way she acts and why she does.
Growth; Tifa's character development throughout FFVII.
AVALANCHE; Life as part of the feared anti-ShinRa faction.
7th Heaven; The bar in the slums and its real importance.
Attire; Description of Tifa's appearance and main outfit.
Outfits; The different outfits we get to see her wearing.
Clones; Other characters that somehow resemble Tifa.
Quotes; Some of her most memorable lines in FFVII.


Zodiac; Character and personality as a May-born.
Blood Type; The traits Tifa's blood type would give her.
Name; Yes, Kabalarians.COM, as well as my own comments.


Bonds; General interaction with the rest of the main cast.
Possibilities; Crushes and loves that could have been.
True Love; Tifa's story with Cloud, her only true love.
Non-Canon; Unfounded pairings made possible by fandom.


Stats; Tifa's initial battle stats and how to use her best.
Weaponry; A very detailed list of all of Tifa's weapons.
Premium Heart; How to get her ultimate weapon.
Limit Breaks; Pictures and information on all of them.
Final Heaven; How to get her ultimate limit break.
Don Corneo; Have the Don choose Tifa for the night.
Date; How to get Cloud to date Tifa at the Gold Saucer.
Gold Saucer; Curiosities concerning Tifa's participation.


Defense; Why you shouldn't blindly hate a bunch of pixels.
Heroine; The concept, twisted as it is in the world of FFVII.
CloTi; My full thoughts on the love triangle and its outcome.
Aerith; More than just a love rival, a necessary companion.
Barret; Theory on Barret having special feelings for Tifa.

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