These are all my beautiful affiliates: wonderful websites owned by people that I admire and respect. If you're interested in becoming one, please let me know. Check the F.A.Q. for more information regarding this matter.

EMPIRE is Kitty's wonderful tribute to Rufus, the underrated "bad guy". Other shrines to this character are practically unexistent; therefore, I urge you to pay a visit to this lovely website, with all kinds of content a fan could ask for.

Trust me, I've seen a lot of Vincent shrines: and this is, by far, the best. Gabriella has done a great job; there's so much information, you could literally get lost. All articles are extremely well-written and pleasant to read through, and the multimedia is anything but scarce. A must visit, even for those who don't particularly like Vincent, like me.

Good Aerith shrines keep getting rarer these days; thankfully, Jessi's My Light is the ultimate exception. With layouts of extreme beauty and all kinds of information and media, this is the kind of place you will find yourself visiting often.

Well, to put it short and simple, Hikari is heaven on Earth to any CloAer fan: with its unbiased, well-written editorials and its humble complexity, it surely deserves your visit. Also, this website doesn't support Tifa bashing at all, which is a plus.

Eternal Love is the ultimate resource to CloTi fans; over the years, this website has earned itself a reputation I dare not describe. Information is endless, and so are image galleries; a must see even for those who don't support the couple.

Riku, the sexy controversial character from Squaresoft and Disney's Kingdom Hearts: who hasn't ever drooled over him? Well, even if you haven't (extremely unlikely, if you ask me), this is one of the best dedications to him you will ever come across; and, trust me, it's worth it. It has been around for quite a while now, and is hopefully staying for a long time.

I'd feel bad if I pretended to like Cid's character at all; but, truth be told, he surely deserves more love than he's given. Dragonfly is the best, and, most likely, only resource to Cid fans. Even though it's been static for a while, here you will find a lot of useful information, as well as a bit of multimedia.

Formerly known as Asperity, Schism is Naolith's amazing, godlike tribute to Cloud Strife: in my opinion, the best of its genre to ever have graced this world. In two words, unique and sincere: Schism is all (and only) about what Naolith truly cares about, and, thankfully for us, that's a deep analysis of Cloud's complex character. Wonderfully well-written.

The least I can say about this website is that a lot of extensive research and hard work lies behind it. Destiny Fulfilled is among the best current resources for CloAer worshipping, with the advantage of seemingly having been around forever.

If there's such thing as a God, they were definitely there when Valkyrie was created. Welcome to my favorite game character shrine ever, the one who made me love Rinoa Heartilly, whom I had previously sworn to hate until my dying day. I can't quite describe how much I'm in love with this place; it's just so unusually true and passionately well-written, and, at the same time, completely friendly and of very easy access. It's an absolute delight to be affiliated with such a website.

Jenova surely gets too little feedback for being the true evil of Final Fantasy VII. Simon's tribute to this extremely neglected character is, by far, the best you can possibly find. The essays and theories are complex, and so is the media, especially considering how little screen time Jenova gets. A much needed shrine on the world wide web, unfortunately static as of now.

This shrine to Tifa has been around forever, and, in the meantime, it has managed to gain more and better reputation than most could ever wish to achieve. Despite being old, Locked Heart keeps improving everyday; obviously, with a lot of hard work from the lovely Victoria. Definitely worth a visit.

If you haven't ever heard of Stacey Anne's Final Fantasy VII tributes, then, my friend, I dare say you're either a total newbie or a loser. Strife is, by far, the most complex Cloud shrine in existence, with information on all aspects of the character and the world of FFVII itself. There's nothing bad to be said about this place; it is just amazing.

Yet another website by Stacey Anne, this time a small tribute to Tifa Lockheart herself. In spite of its reduced size, this is quite an original place, with a lot of interesting views on our favorite barmaid. Very pleasant to read through.

This is Ami's wonderful tribute to the tragic yet beautiful love relationship between Laguna Loire and Raine Leonhart from Final Fantasy VIII. With complex essays on each character and their connection and tons of multimedia, this is a must visit.

Winged Lion is Salena's lovely dedication to the pairing of Rinoa Heartilly and Squall Leonheart, from Final Fantasy VIII. To put it short: it's huge. There's more information on Rinoa, Squall and the couple itself here than I could ever dream of coming up with, and Salena's love for this game clearly shines through.