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Hello, visitor, and welcome to the much awaited (or not) fifteenth incarnation of Rose of May, a long-running but always humble tribute to the beautiful, underrated likes of Tifa Lockheart, one of the main characters in the seventh and, in my opinion, best installment of Squaresoft's most successful RPG series, Final Fantasy. This shrine has once, not too long ago, been on the verge of closing down, only to make a full comeback with a lovely, new revamped version that stayed online for..., well, a full year. Shame on me, I know. To make up for that, here it is, the horribly delayed version fifteen, hopefully good enough to keep you distracted for a while.

You're once again looking at what I like to call a "Jessi layout": only because they have enough typical traits to deserve their own label. Well, to begin with, they're the best, hands down: and I'd also like to take this opportunity to apologize to you, loyal visitors, for exposing my improving ass-kissing skills to all of you. Anyway, much needed credits aside, the lyrics you see on this layout ("Would you choose water over wine, hold the wheel and drive?") are from the beautiful and highly recommended song by Incubus, Drive, where it also gets its name from. Making a long soap opera short, I was inspired by what I believe to be Tifa's self-sacrificing, caretaking role as a driving force throughout Final Fantasy VII: many times, out of shyness or actual sacrifice, she's chosen water over wine, and equally often has she guided the group through hard situations. Quite admirable, indeed.

With that said, it's time for you to go and explore the rest of this, I dare say, huge piece of crap. Indeed, Rose of May has grown pretty big during the past three years, and I couldn't be prouder. Everything you see here is a product of love and dedication, and I hope you enjoy browsing around as much as I did building every single section of this website. Thank you.

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