Period June 21st - July 22nd
Symbol Crab
House 4th (Home and Family)
Ruler The Moon
Element Water
Quality Cardinal (i.e., Dynamic)
Polarity Negative (i.e., Introverted)
Opposite Capricorn

Cancer, the Crab
Since this is my website, I should probably start off by saying that Cancer is one of my least favorite zodiac signs, if not my very least favorite. The main reason for this is that Cancerians are not well-defined individuals as far as astrology goes: they don’t have any particular strength, nor a major particular flaw. In my eyes, they are, if you will, insipid, and this puts me off more than even the darkest bundle of negative (but, at least, defined) characteristics. I'm looking at you, Scorpio. (Well, what else could be expected from an earthy Taurus like myself? I favor strong personalities, and I need results.) Still, in this article I will try, to the best of my ability, to deliver a fair description of the Crab. The following was fully written based on my own knowledge of astrology, which, in turn, comes from books such as Linda Goodman's Sun Signs and Love Signs, as well as some very resourceful websites, mainly Astrodienst, Astrology Online and Astrology.COM.

Two of the most important traits in the Cancerian personality – two of its very few defining ones – are their extreme moodiness and sensitivity. Being a Water sign, this is no surprise, since this is the element that rules emotion and intuition, but the Crab takes both the concept of mood swings (its Moon rulership playing a central role in this) and the “heart-on-sleeve” attitude to a whole new level; indeed, it is said that Cancerians are “the first to laugh and the first to cry”, with stress on the latter: these are the crybabies of the zodiac, and you must be very careful not to offend their delicate susceptibility with “insults” (most likely unintended in the first place, and more often than not a product of their usually vivid imagination) or general lack of tact. You should also keep in mind that it is not beyond them to manipulate you with their tears, for they often feel this is the best approach to getting what they want from others.

Cancerians live in the past in memory, and in the future in imagination. Indeed, they usually remember events for a long time, more so than any other sign, especially if these were particularly happy or hurtful; they also find it hard to part with both people and objects, and often accumulate things they no longer need solely for their attached meaning. Still in the same line of thought, it should be said that, like the animal that represents them, Crabs can become just a tad too clingy: once they have you in their claws, they won’t let go. This can be a good thing, because, with Cancer, it does take the form of infinite loyalty, but it also translates into a lot of headache if you’re not the kind to tolerate their changeable, moody, overemotional nature. However, if you are patient and tactful, Cancer is unarguably one of the best signs in the zodiac to settle and build a family with: these individuals are nurturing and protective like no others, and are all about homemaking, usually keeping their environments as serene, comfortable and intimate as possible. They love their families, which are often large, and live for them. If you do plan to spend the rest of your life with a Cancerian, though (and be careful, because if you’ve gotten far with one, they probably have that in mind – they are both old-fashioned and romantic), you should be prepared to spoil them as much as needed, since they are prone to depression and self-esteem issues. Also, at the slightest offense – or, sometimes, simply because they “feel like it” –, they may retract into their hard, defensive shell, and become rather unreachable.

In short, there is nothing particularly remarkable about Cancer-borns; their best qualities are their nurturing, pleasant nature and their tenacity in defending their family and home, while infamous flaws are being too emotional, needy and influenceable. Just to be completely clear, remember Sailor Moon? Well, guess what: she is a Crab.

Thoughts & Opinions
I must confess I was very surprised when I found out that Selphie was a Cancer. Let's just be honest: the description above doesn't fit her one bit. Sure, she's loyal to her roots and protective of her loved ones, but these are vague similarities, and they end there. A depressive crybaby? Certainly not: Selphie is a generally happy, optimistic person who hides her rare blue phases from the eyes of others. Sucker for flattery, needy and/or dependent? She lifts herself up and is generally a source of energy, not the other way around. Introverted? ...Well, you get the point. The one thing about Cancer that may fit Selphie, apart from the aforementioned qualities, is its Cardinal quality – Cardinal individuals are dynamic and are usually the ones getting things started, even if they are admittedly a lot more fond of beginning than actually finishing them (they leave that to the more perseverant Fixed signs, setting off for something new instead).

However, the Cardinal quality is one that also pertains to a zodiac sign that I find incredibly more fitting for Selphie: and if you know anything about astrology at all, you have probably figured out by now that I am thinking of Aries. Indeed, typical Ram traits mirror Selphie perfectly, for both good and bad: she's energetic, adventurous, involved, quick-witted, confident and enthusiastic; she speaks and acts before she thinks, can be naively optimistic and is a natural-born leader. Individuals born under this sign are also protective of their families and origins, so this would still stand, with the advantage that all of Aries's characteristics have a lot more to do with Selphie: it is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, energy and passion; its element is Fire, which offers additional enthusiasm, power and love of life, and it has Positive polarity (i.e., extroverted).

It is painfully obvious to me that if Squaresoft gave a damn about Western astrology, or simply got a kick out of making it fit their characters' personalities, they would have made Selphie an Aries by giving her a late March/April birthday rather than a freakin' July one: it's that simple. Clearly, they either didn't have this in mind or got their zodiac signs mixed up badly: they did make Zell a Pisces, after all. I mean, come on.

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