One of the many things that make Selphie a very unique game character is the fact that she actually maintains a website of her own. "Make the Garden Festival a Success!" (...she's not very good with titles, as you will soon realize) is networked with Balamb Garden and can be accessed from Squall's computer terminal in Quistis's classroom by choosing "Garden Festival Committee" on the main menu at any time in the game:

As you can see, Selphie's website has a very Love! And Peace!, happy-go-lucky design (well, she did make it, after all) and is divided into "Garden Festival Committee" (a simple update log on the Garden Festival's current chances of happening at all), "My Friends", "My Diary" and "Sir Laguna's Page" (which actually has a different layout of its own!). While it would seem that the main reason she built this small corner was to further promote the Garden Festival (DEAR LORD, doesn't she ever give up?), its bigger and more active sections actually turn out to be her diary and the tribute to Laguna: the former is updated as game events unfold, while additions to the latter are made whenever the player finds a Timber Maniacs issue in-game.

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