Trains & Silly Songs
Selphie has a huge (rather disturbing, really) love of trains. Whenever the party boards one, she becomes even more excited than usual (apparently, it is possible) and always impatiently forces Squall to hurry and open the door leading to the window corridor, where she usually spends the rest of the trip looking outside and singing a very simple, cheesy song that goes as follows:

Train, train, take us away
Take us away, far away
Into the future we will go
Where it leads, no one knows

...So, ummm, maybe you'll want to refrain from approaching her on those occasions.

Broken Computer
In the ruined Trabia Garden, go to the area labeled as "Classroom" and you will find the Garden's tech squad doing repairs near a big computer screen. If you check the latter, it will temporarily malfunction and access the Personal Data Bank, very briefly displaying a random student profile which just happens to be Selphie's (and of course she is winking in the picture!).

On her Sir Laguna's Page, when commenting on the article about Shumi Village, Selphie mentions she would love to meet the tribe. However, if you actually bring her along when you go there and then talk to her, she will say she is bored. Ummm...

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