Name Selphie Tilmitt (Serufi Tirumitto)
Age 17
Birthday July 16
Blood Type B
Height 5'1" (156.2cm)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Weapon Nunchaku
Limit Break Slot

Official Profile
"A spunky young woman with a carefree spirit."
"Selphie seems out of place in a military academy because of her innocent appearance and light-hearted personality. Her happy-go-lucky disposition and laid-back attitude tend to catch others off guard."

"A transfer student to Balamb Garden. Uses giant nunchaku and special magic."

Selphie is a character like no other in Final Fantasy VIII; she possesses a unique balance of cuteness and independence that is rarely achieved by female game characters. Through war and loss, she adopts a laid-back attitude and always tries to light up the mood, often in rather hilarious, out of place ways. Selphie seems to hold no trace of negative feelings, coming off as very innocent and silly; however, mess with her and you'll get a taste of her strong personality and honest mind. Although at first the player is led to think there's not much more to Selphie than meets the eye, she proves this belief wrong plenty of times throughout the game. All in all, she is a warm, fun person to be around, but also an achieved fighter with a savior complex rather than a damsel one, which is a relieving break from the female character stereotype. For further reads on this wonderful member of the Final Fantasy VIII main cast, feel free to go ahead and entertain yourself with my other articles.

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