Laguna Loire
Father to Squall, Laguna couldn't be more different from his own son: passionate, klutzy, pure-hearted and just really goddamn lucky, he is presented to players through the chronological flashback scenes triggered by Ellone at different times in the game. During these experiences, Selphie comes to feel a sort of seemingly unjustified admiration towards Laguna, to the point of dedicating a part of her website to him. So, what exactly is so special about this lovely airhead?

The honest answer would be that no one's quite sure; however, most people can't help being drawn to him. As cleverly put by the Elder of the Shumi tribe (who actually made him a statue), Laguna just has an incredible ability to reach out to people, and gives out such warmth that it is impossible not to like him back. Undoubtly, Laguna's best qualities are his love of mankind, his consistently good intentions towards most people (even complete strangers), and the clumsiness that almost always stops him from achieving his goals as planned. He is also very hot. To put it simply, he is the sort of person that gets there, but has no idea how the hell he did.

Obviously, all of the traits mentioned above turn Laguna into a very unique, extremely lovable character, and Selphie, like so many others, fell under his spell: she calls him "Sir Laguna" and always speaks of him in a respectful manner, even when there is absolutely no reason to (thus often and paradoxically making him sound like a loser in her comments). In fact, the two of them are alike in many ways: they are equally optimistic, reckless and versatile (Laguna actually goes through, what, four different jobs during the course of his not-that-long life?), and are always ready to help their loved ones when needed, regardless of consequences.

Selphie's "feelings" for Laguna can best be summed up and described as a crush: she claims he's a "hunk", admires pretty much everything about him, becomes significantly nervous and excited upon the idea of finally meeting him in the present, and ultimately thinks his "love and friendship" plan for the party to survive in the time compression and defeat Ultimecia is "marvelous" (#died). Still, there is nothing utterly serious about any of this, and the two of them never actually establish a direct relationship of any sort; she is just one of the many people who are inevitably drawn in by the combination of his adorable dorkiness and undeniable attractiveness.

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