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Official Profile
"An innocent, carefree girl. She is very outgoing. She always wants to be the leader of the group, and gives Wakka a hard time."

Role & Depiction
Like so many other Final Fantasy characters, Selphie makes a cameo appearance in Kingdom Hearts, a 2002 PlayStation 2 joint effort by Squaresoft and Disney: she is located on Destiny Islands, the first world the player is introduced to, along with Final Fantasy X's Tidus and Wakka. It is said that Rikku was supposed to have been in her place (it certainly would have made more sense), but this idea was eventually discarded to avoid confusion between her name and Riku's (and I suppose they just went for the next hyper character available?).

Selphie is only thirteen years old in this alternative universe, and because the game is supposed to be child-friendly, Tetsuya Nomura replaced her nunchaku with a jump rope, which she still uses as a weapon if you challenge her for a fight. All in all, her personality remains pretty much the same, except for her overall cuteness and innocence, which are appropriately increased by a great deal here. She comes back for the 2005 sequel, Kingdom Hearts II (whereas Wakka and Tidus don't: who's intended now, bitches???), where her role is just as insignificant, if not smaller: she is shown on a couple of occasions with Kairi, both girls in school uniforms (ohh, you have no idea the sort of fan artworks I have seen based on this), and that's about it.

Voice Actresses
The best thing about Selphie's cameo in this game is the fact that she gets to have an actual voice, which is the one thing most fans would have killed for in the original Final Fantasy VIII game. In the Japanese release of Kingdom Hearts, Selphie is voiced by Mayuko Aoki, who had already worked as the motion capture model for Edea, Rinoa, Garnet and Yuna in previous Final Fantasy games (she is also the original voice actress for the latter in both Final Fantasy X/X-2 and Kingdom Hearts II). The English language releases had Molly Keck dub Selphie's lines; unlike Aoki, she had never worked for Squaresoft before.

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