"It's a lingo I wanna spread."

Greetings, 21st century wanderer. I bid you welcome to Rapture, the ultimate tl;dr Selphie Tilmitt shrine! Hopefully, you remember Selphie from the brilliant 1999 RPG by Squaresoft, Final Fantasy VIII: you know, the tiny chick with a scary tendency to go on reckless killing sprees? Well, if not, you're definitely at the right place, because this website is quite literally flooding with information (and, might as well mention it, heavy spoilers). If you already are familiar with the subject, then let's just face it, a lot of people hate Selphie. In the eventuality that you consider yourself to be one of those, I hope to torture you to death be able to change your views through my articles, or at least inspire you to consider things under a different light. Either way, sit back, enjoy yourself, and remember!: never take anything with Selphie's name on it too seriously.

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