Of Arrivals

I dream of gardens in the desert sand,
I dream of love as time runs through my hands.

Welcome, 21st century wanderer, to Always, a heartfelt tribute to Aerith Gainsborough of the Final Fantasy VII franchise. It may surprise you to know that all of these words have actually been written and sitting on my disk for what are now ten very literal years. Started back in 2008, Always was dreamed up to be my ultimate tribute a true work of love and dedication to the game character that, even to this day, marked my life the most. With that said, to those of us who identify as perfectionists, "ultimate" things tend to never be finished: which explains how I could let go of both my latest domain, Rette-Mich.NET, and my webdesigning career as a whole before this ever saw the light of day. Hora-Fugit.ORG is born today, first and foremost, as a means to Always's long-delayed existence on the World Wide Web, which should speak very clearly to both its and Aerith's importance in my heart. While the age of character shrines may well be far and gone, it is up to each of us to water our small desert gardens to life and because time does run, for people and game characters and websites alike, I urge you now to sit back and enjoy the true flesh of this shrine: all of my musings and writings on Aerith, which stand true today as they did ten years ago. Navigation can be found through the link to your right. Have fun, and do not be afraid to drop me a line!

Quid Novi?

April 26, 2018
The way my buttons were organized on the sidebar made little sense, especially after my very first affiliate and an amazing affiliate at that! , Larissa, made me a couple of new ones: so, a new section, destined for linking back buttons and links out/affiliates alike, has been born. Yay? See you soon, hopefully!

April 6, 2018
Good unexpected news! I decided to make an effort and finally go over all the pages that make up this website, correcting spelling and grammar, rewriting some text, and overall cleaning things up to a shiny state. I may actually write some new articles: cleaning up left me nostalgic and hyped, and there are at least a couple of very basic things missing (an introduction to FFVII, Aerith's relationship with Cloud,...) that I might want to work on. We'll see! No promises. I clearly work better with no promises. Yup.

April 1, 2018
Nope, not fooling you: today truly marks the launch of both Hora-Fugit.ORG and Always. As a tribute to a character from a (hopefully) finished compilation, this shrine probably won't be updated much, except for site-related issues and, eventually, FFVII remake news/goodies. Still, please do enjoy what is up!

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