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You have reached hora-fugit.ORG, Lu's small hedonistic hub on the WWW, pretentiously titled the memento mori network. Navigation is on top, through chaos, theory (so clever) and xxx. Enjoy your stay!


hora-fugit.ORG was bought on the spur of the moment on March 31, 2018, after a night of insomnia had me think I really should find a way publish Always. I never got around to renewing it in 2019 due to... life happening, but this must be a late March dawn sort of thing, because I did it all over again on March 27, 2020, this time with Namecheap: which definitely lives up to its name, by the way.

nomine & thema

Names have always mattered to me. I'm the kind of person who prefers symbolism over phonetics; this explains, for example, my wish to call my first daughter 'Eva'. It also explains why, in curious retrospective, it almost seems as though my domains' names have grown and matured with me throughout the years. Since my very first home way back in 2004, clipped-wings.NET, I have owned not-ashamed.NET, rette-mich.NET, and now hora-fugit.ORG. While I'm still not ashamed of pretty much anything, I definitely don't feel as though my wings are clipped, neither am I in need of any kind of rescuing: on the contrary, I've never felt more together. On the other hand, however, deeper, scarier issues have been on my mind a lot – particularly the subject of time, always a fascination of mine. This reflects strongly on my current favorite media – Steins;Gate, the Zero Escape trilogy, Life Is Strange –, and this domain was not immune to it, either. "Hora fugit" is Latin for "time flies", a realization that's been increasingly assaulting me, while "memento mori", the name of this network and my first (unavailable) choice for the domain name, is the (also Latin) expression for "remember that you will die", and a philosophy in and on itself: the practice of reflection on mortality. I have never been able to accept death, and this inability, which truly possesses all the traits of a phobia, does not seem to be getting any better; as such, considering how much of an impact the whole subject has on me, choosing a related name for my new domain seemed only right. With that said, I would have preferred a .NET, but – you guessed it! – it was already taken. Finally, butterflies, in their relation to chaos theory, are representative of transformation and transience, and therefore a very pertinent symbol when talking of time, death, and the tragic nature of human existence.


Perhaps it is nothing more than an unconscious way of connecting to my roots, but, as of lately, Latin has been appealing to me more and more. Being Portuguese, I have grown up under the influence of all aspects of the Roman culture, language included, and so virtually all Latin expressions translate automatically in my head. When I decided to purchase a new domain, I knew I wanted the name to be in a language other than English; I had already experimented with German on rette-mich.NET (I do not care for German; the inspiration for the name came from a song), so this time I wanted to go for either Latin or Japanese, two languages I find very beautiful, both aestethically and phonetically. I looked up several lists of "special" expressions from both worlds, and, after a moment's indecision between "setsunai" (Japanese; a deep form of sorrow), "mala fide" (Latin; "in bad faith") and "hora fugit", I decided on the latter, for all of the reasons listed above. Considering how I made it, I don't think this is a decision I'll ever regret.


Talking about myself used to be a favorite pastime of mine, but I guess adulthood took that away, too. With that said, my real name is Luísa; I was born in 1989 and I'm a full-fledged Slytherin, a pretty typical Taurus, an Enneagram 4w3/3w4 (the jury is forever out on this one) and an ISTJ-T. I live with my male black cat, Kira, in Lisbon, Portugal, and work as a family doctor. Contrary to what might be expected, I am much more inclined to art than science, and my true passions are writing and analog photography. I spend almost all my money on travel, books, video games and other geek/hipster items, and I sort of look like Tifa. If you so wish, feel free to visit me on the social networks below!


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